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Dying from these cramps and I have to be in this lab today fffuuuuuckkkkk.

aww i want a girl so i can massage her tummy while shes cramping

^^^^Awww 😊😊😊

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Q: Are you okay? ❤️

Yeah, i guess. thanks for asking. ❤

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~Disrespectful~ *ONESHOT*


We so disrespectful… 

Champagne Papi: your fine ass trying to meet up with a nigga or nah?

Nicki smirked seeing the text notification pop up on her gold iPhone 5s and continued to tweeze her eyebrows. Drake had been trying to meet up with her up lately but it was hard. Not because she was too busy or anything.

It was because she had a boyfriend. A boyfriend of 2 years that she loved but wasn’t in love with.

But do not get it twisted. Nicki is not the only guilty person here. Drake was also in a long term relationship. Both parties were being disrespectful.

She picked up her phone replying:

Barbie Boo: I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.

Nicki cheesed to herself anxious yet excited of what Drake’s reply would be. She knew her boyfriend was a touchy subject so she loved teasing him about it. In return, he would bring up his significant other. 

"Nicki!" Trey, Nicki’s boyfriend, shouted from outside her apartment. She rolled her eyes. What the fuck does he want? She plastered on the biggest fakest smile she could manage and answered the door. 

"Hey baby!" He kissed her lips hugging her tightly. 

"Hey." she replied in a monotone tone.

Trey’s face grew a concerned look. Lately, Nicki seemed less and less enthusiastic to see him. He felt her pulling away from him and the more he pulled her in, the more she pulled away. Shrugging it off, Trey opened his mouth to speak.

"So how about I take you out tonight?"

Nicki quickly thought up a lie. “No. I’m going to…err….work. Sorry, babe. Raincheck?” She lied through her teeth while pushing him out the door.

"Um, ok." Was all she heard before closing the door in his face. Some moments she didn’t care that she was cheating on him, but other times, she felt very guilty about it but not regretful. Why was she with him? Because that was the only man her father approved of. Daddy’s girl at the finest. Minutes later, there was a knocking and she opened the door to a 6’1 lightskin man tackling her to her couch with kisses.

"Drakeeee stoppppp." She breathed smiling at his kisses.

"Doesn’t sound like you want me to." His husky voice replied continued. Eventually, Drake pulled himself off her and grabbed her hand.

"Nicki, I wanna take you out to Sam’s Diner."

Nicki raised an eyebrow. “I never ate there.”

"Mila has and it’s her favorite."

Nicki rolled her eyes and removed her hand from his at the mention of his significant other Mila. The tall blasian beauty Drake has been dating since they were teenagers. Somehow, when he met Nicki, their relationship lost its spark. However, Mila was a wonderful woman to him and being the gentleman he is, he couldn’t bring himself to break her heart.

Suddenly, Nicki’s face cracked a smile and nudged Drake.

"Boy, you’re disrespectful. Taking me to her favorite diner."

Drake returned the smile kissing her forehead. “I don’t mind being disrespectful. “


"Mhh your girlfriend has great taste in food and in men." Nicki licked her plump lips winking as the pair exited the diner.

Drake released a sexy chuckle. “Nicki, are you flirting with me?”

"Maybe." She took Drake’s keys. "I’m driving. I want you to meet someone."

After a little bickering, Drake agreed to meet whoever Nicki wanted him to meet. He was extremely anxious but declined to show it. They finally pulled up to a Mediterranean style home and Nicki exited the car. Drake followed suit and once he made it on the doorstep, the door swung open revealing a middle aged woman who looked a lot like Nicki. Drake’s eyes widened. Her mother.

"Mom, this is my very good friend Aubrey.” Nicki flashed her dimple smile gesturing towards him winking.

Drake spent the afternoon being nice and charming impressing Nicki and her mother.

"Onika, bring that Aubrey more." Her mother commanded in her thick Trindadian accent with a smile.

Nicki nodded returning the smile and kissing her mother goodbye. She got into the passenger seat where Drake was cheesing at her.


"I’m disrespectful but you took me to meet your mom?"

She playfully rolled her eyes kissing his cheek. “Well, boy, you’re special so I don’t mind being disrespectful. “

He pulled her into his lap kissing her lips and fondling her large posterior. Pulling away, he looked in her eyes. Hazel to Brown.

"Me neither. I don’t care about nobody but you."

I don’t mind being a little disrespectful You’ve been down for a nigga since I met you I don’t mind being a little disrespectful Very special so I’ll be disrespectful ❤


Yes I am back! If anyone gave a fuck 😒. In case you’re wondering, I’m not that poetic lol that oneshot is based off the song Disrespectful by Trey Songz ft. Mila J.(Yes, the significant others) it’s my shit and I’m in love with the Trigga album. Might do a oneshot based one of the songs of X because X is also my shit and Chris Brown is bae 😍. Anyways, Tell me how you feel in the inbox, babes! ☺

XOXO, Chrissi. ❤

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I hate stereotypes. Just because I’m straight and a christian doesn’t mean I hate gay people. I don’t care what or who you are, if you love me, then I love you too. I love everybody. Your race, sexuality, etc. Doesn’t define who you are. Your personality does.

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